August 10th, 2010
by tophatal

Hey Did You Hear The One ’bout the NFL ? It’s Back

Well the NFL season unofficially kicks off this weekend with the Hall of Fame game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Cincinnati Bengals . Suffice to say, that with the Hall of Fame induction of seven legendary stars of the gridiron and then the commencement of the game we can truly say that ….. “football is back ” ! And hopefully it’ll be as good as ever ?

Canton Oh,. August 8th 2010. Hall of Fame inductee Jerry Rice waves to the crowd before the game between the Dallas Cowboys and Cincinnati Bengals during the 2010 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Field at Fawcett Stadium on August 8, 2010 in Canton, Ohio. The Cowboys defeated the Bengals 16-7. Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) ......

Canton Oh,. August 8th 2010. Hall of Fame inductee Jerry Rice waves to the crowd before the game between the Dallas Cowboys and Cincinnati Bengals during the 2010 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Field at Fawcett Stadium on August 8, 2010 in Canton, Ohio. The Cowboys defeated the Bengals 16-7. Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Now given what we know about the NFL and all of its machinations the possibility of seeing a repeat champion might not be out of the question. But as we all know the successful defense of a Superbowl championship is such a hard thing to achieve. For the New Orleans Saints , their fans and the entire organization this will be uppermost in their minds. Sunday’s game pits two of the league’s more exuberant teams and the mere fact that a great deal is expected of both this upcoming season makes it something of an intriguing match-up. Granted, as usual the Cowboys are continually feted as America’s team which to my mind is like viewing Rosie O’Donnell as the best looking female you’ve ever come across in your life . But unfortunately there are some out there who can continue to jump on this Cowboys’ bandwagon even when they’re traveling on three wheels with a busted tire . Ugly ! Really ugly !



We know that the Bengals have somehow seen fit to offer Terrel Owens somewhere to lay his head and call home but in the cold light of day what happens when Owens aind the rest of this roster faces real adversity ? Never mind how he and Chad Ochocinco feel that they’ll grace us with their presence. Now they’re trying to come cross as the NFL’s answer to Martin and Lewis ?

Let’s stop for a moment of silence while we pray for Brett Favre . To Jenn Sterger if the text image of Brett’s “crank” was such a shock to you then why did you not make law enforcement aware of what he’d allegedly done ? Let’s hope that for the Vikings’ sake this season Brett’s showing less of his crank and more of his prowess on the field of play the team . But that of course would be predicated upon the player making an announcement of his full intent to return to the NFL. Once again he’s playing us all ,thinking the entire fan-dom of the NFL awaits upon his every word. Perhaps that’s the case for the dundering idiots within the ESPN who hang unto his every word as if he’d become Jesus Christ incarnate upon his return to earth ? But to them isn’t Brett , Christ __ himself ? Now Brett ranks up there with LeBron James being a very close second in all things futile when it comes to related sport’s journalism within that particular bastion of idiocy !

One good season doesn’t a great player make but were you listening to New York Jets’ coach Rex Ryan speak he’d have you believe that Darrelle Revis is by far the “best player” in the NFL ? He might be bordering on becoming one of the better players at his position but by no means is he the best at his position much less the best player in the NFL. It’s as one patron once tried to suggest to me because certain Pro Bowl player had been lauded by NFL coaches and analysts across the NFL it made him a legitimate player of with credence within the game. Being feted means nothing in the NFL when you can’t play with consistency week and week out . Unfortunately, this came from someone who because he felt he’d coached the game at a certain level , it made him ever so qualified to come up with his diatribe. Well I view that , like asking Sarah Palin her views on world peace , the US Constitution and the reasons behind the US Supreme Court and the reasons behind its very existence . Listening to Palin to try say something intelligent on a subject, is akin to listening to a drunk tell you that he’d been abducted by a UFO . Which begs the questions are crop circles possible within the state of Alaska ?

This season for the Jets could either be something to relish or they could be in for something of a letdown. Either way within the AFC East the division could become something of a two horse race between themselves and the New England Patrtiots . And for both teams this may well season where we’ll find out a great deal about their psyche’s and makeup in terms of their resilience and performance on the field of play.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell still hasn’t come to a decision concerning whether or not the six game suspension of Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will be reduced or remain intact. Well that’s as he peases concerning the player. Upon his return to the team’s training camp in Latrobe , Pennsylvania, it looked as if the short lived memories of those fans had taken the stance of “forgive” and “forget” as the player was welcomed back with open arms by his teammates and fans alike . Which begs the question in light of an Indianapolis Colts’ defensive player still awaiting the league’s own adjudication as to his conduct concerning sexual battery upon a female . How is that Goodell has yet to make statement on that very matter , much less he’s yet to suspend the player ? The player conduct policy gives him the right to suspend a player for any action deemed to be conduct detrimental to the game and is in complete agreement with the collective bargaining agreement hammered out between the league and the NFLPA. Somehow isn’t Goodell now coming across as something of a hypocrite as to how he seeks to reprimand players when it comes to their conduct ?

When the NFL Draft came about this year the thinking was that there was a rich crop of talent to be had . And that may well have been the case but somehow I do feel that we’ll see a number of players struggle in within their freshman year in the league. This much we do know is that the NFL is extremely brutal and if there’s indeed a flaw in a player’s game then they will be found out. There are no if’s or and’s about it come to play or get the hell of the football field ! I just hope that EPSN’s Mel Kiper is now taking this to heart because his opinions on players such as Jimmy Clausen wherein he pronounced that the player had what it takes to be an immediate impact in the NFL must’ve fell on deaf ears. Claussen slipped so far down on everyone’s charts that you’d have needed not only a periscope to find the guy but also sonar . Be that as it may the player now finds himself or Carolina under the auspices of John Fox and the Carolina Panthers . Something of a comedown one would think from his days under Charlie Weis and the beleaguered “Fighting Irish” program , where we were told the player was being coahed in an NFL type of an environment. Anyone who’d witnessed the play of Notre Dame under Weis can attest to the fact that their play was nowhere that of an NFL team much less a really bad NFL team . Suffice to say that shit would refuse to be seen in the same vicinity of anything said to be resembling football coming out of Notre Dame while Weis and his staff were coaching there ! It was that bad , if not worse !

If ever there was a time for Matt Leinart to prove to the fans in Arizona and around the NFL that he’s matured then this season with the Arizona Cardinals would be it. With the retirement of Kurt Warner this is now Leinart’s team to lead. And now we’ll see whether or not he’s mature enough and he’s shown signs that all of the coddling he’d received at the hands of Pete Carroll and the coaching staff at USC is a thing of the past . Certainly, if he’s not shown signs that he’s learned anything as the backup to Warner while still learning the nuances of the game from Ken Whisenhunt’s —- coaching staff then the Cardinals and Matt Leinart could be doomed for a bumpy ride and distinct failure in the NFC West this upcoming season. But then again this is the NFC West we’re talking about where mediocrity and barely above average is such a thin line that anything could happen and will no doubt happen. So inept and mediocre has been the play within the division that the consensus has been that whoever turns up on the day in uniform within the division ready to play could be considered to be the favorite to win the division outright. If you don’t believe me then consider the make up the division and the rosters of the teams therein ?

What I for one am hoping for from this NFL season is an exhilarating one where the teams are eager to play and the stars of the game are ready to show us what they’ve got. I can only imagine that the TO , Ochocinco show on the road should be something of a blast . However, if the Bengals aren’t fairing at all well within the AFC much less the AFC North then look for the roadshow to implode with that bitch simply turning into a circus and freak show all rolled into one. It’ll make the antics of the guidos and guidettes of the Jersey Shore seem like academia in one form or another . What thoughts if any do you have on the kick-off the upcoming NFL season ? Chime on in with a comment as always . Thanks !

NB: Click on the link provided to see who the 2010 NFL Hall of Fame inductees due for enshrinement in Canton , Ohio. Russ Grimm , —- Rickey Jackson , _—- Dick LeBeau , Floyd Little , John Randle , Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith .

Inductees due for enshrinement in 2010


Alan aka tophatal …………………………………. :)


“I got to see Brett’s crank because he text me a picture of it . What have you got show for yourself ” ? Jenn Sterger .


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