September 30th, 2010
by athooks

The 2010 Cardinals season was officially declared dead at approximately 9:30p CST Tuesday evening when Cincinnati Reds outfielder Jay Bruce crushed a walk-off HR to send his team into the postseason and exterminating the ‘magic number’ that had been in single digits for nearly two weeks. disappointment

Most Cardinal fans had been resided to this fate for weeks. The Birds had the tenacity of a monk on peyote. It was only a formality before the games didn’t matter.


It seems to be the pre-eminent word used to describe the 2010 Cardinals campaign. Disappointment in the outcome. Disappointment in the injuries. Disappointment in LaRussa.

Fucking disappointing.

But what specifically were the 5 most disappointing things about the Cardinals? Perhaps this is like trying to determine the most gruesome ‘Faces of Death’ video or the hottest Victoria Secret model- but it’s worth taking a stab at.

Disappointment 1:  Albert Pujols is going to finish the season .310/42ish/120ish and lose to Joey Votto for the MVP award, but still get some serious vote backing. For whatever reason, Dan and Al keep referencing this cryptic ‘some people think he’s having a down year’ bullshit every telecast when no one has really said anything of the sort for 5 months… but as you can clearly see- 2010 wasn’t a down year for AP. It was another monster fucking year for AP.


Don’t get spoiled by his greatness. You put this guy in any other city and people are literally creaming themselves with his 2010 stat line. When he goes away, I truly will have nothing but empathy for the next 1B player to wear the Cardinals uniform.

But in 3 of the past 4 seasons, where AP is in the prime of his prime… the Cardinals have shit themselves and not made the postseason. The possibility that the Cardinals win only one World Series with the greatest player of a generation is so disheartening that it makes you question pretty much everything about his teammates, the organization and life in general.

Disappointment 2: Matt Holliday somehow entered a line-up, put up awesome numbers, and made the whole thing worse.

Seriously? How does this fucking happen?

I mean it’s done. We’ve got one weekend of baseball left, but this really happened. The Cardinals added Matt Holliday for a whole season and the total offense somehow got way, way worse. Not a little worse. But WAY worse.

I remember being giddy like a schoolgirl when the signed Holliday to that deal in the offseason. I mean, a full year of these guys bending over pitchers and giving them the business? Sign me up. But much to everyone’s chagrin, the offense pretty much sucked balls all season long and this dynamic 3 & 4 punch the Cardinals looked to have was a mirage. Yet it wasn’t, because those guys were great.

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