October 31st, 2010
by goon

Well the UND v DU series is over, and I’m not sure who I should give the best custom award too, Gwozdecky for best person or the the referees for worsted dressed whores. The refs looked at home, again this weekend, by blowing (or not blowing) more calls than a two dollar whore.

Malone was the recipient tonight of a phantom five minute major penalty, where no ref or linesman raised their arm. The DU player was leveled by Malone, that is a fact, but no whore (ref) raised their arm. During the hit DU controlled the puck, after the hit UND played it, shot it on net, it went into the corner, the puck hit their downed man and then, only then, did the refs blow the whistle. The whores (refs) talked to each other for a few minutes and then, poof, magically, Malone gets a 5-minute major penalty and a game misconduct. Last I looked the rules don’t allow for the refs to go, “hmmm, that guys is hurt, someone should be kicked out” and then make a call. If I was a pimp I’d be bitch slapping my whores(refs) for missing a call like that in the first place. Honestly how do 4 whores miss a major penalty. Oh, I forgot this is the WCHA, if you’re a whore and you blow (and not just calls) all you have to due is issue a letter of apology to team you screwed. (SCSU and UW fans know what I’m talking about with their issue from the other year too.)

I’ll admit, if they would have raised their arm right away, I’d be “yep, they got us, damn it!” The thing that I hope is the DU player is okay, I hope he makes a full recovery and is back playing next week. Sometimes I forget, these are just college kids, wanting to have fun and play the game they love.

I have some questions about our league.

First is for Bruce McCleod, I saw you at Anchorage 3 weeks ago, why are you attending non-conference games? If you, Bruce, payed to go there out of your own pocket (which I doubt), fine. However, if you are using league funds to go their, I got two words for you, …..

Second, how do I apply for a job with the league, I can take out my contact lens and make guesses just as well as anybody else.

Third and finally, why did they take the names off of the whores/refs jerseys’? Players have their names on their backs, why remove the whores names? Have they changed the names to protect the guilty?

Don’t get me wrong the Sioux are no saints, but the refs aren’t either. Tonight I saw a DU player slash Genoway’s stick out of his hand when he had the puck and the whores didn’t blow their whistles. I’m know McCleod is the head pimp of the league, so he can do whatever he wants to his whores/refs. But, lets face it, there is one big brothel in this league and it is headquartered in Denver.

Damn it, I’m just pissed off tonight…

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