February 2nd, 2011
by bearsbacker

As we all know, Jay Cutler was injured during the NFC title game and was taken out at the beginning of the 2nd half. Sites that host poker site ratings and sports betting had the Bears going to the Super Bowl before the game. After the injury, the Bears wound up falling to the Packers. Many around the league have questioned Cutler’s toughness and even his heart. I am not Cutler obviously, and no, I have not suffered the type of injury that he has sustained. However, I have played football. I have been with a team in both the ups and downs in a season. While I have not played even close to a pro level, I do know what it is like to be part of a team trying to win a title.

While I cannot say for certain that Cutler “gave up”, I can say that he gave up on the team. Have you ever been on a team and been injured? It sucks. You want to be out there playing the game but can’t. If you are in the title game or even in a game that have an outcome on your playoff chances, you want to be making a difference on the field. However, when you are injured you can’t make that difference. That is when you find a way to make a difference on the sideline.

First, you don’t sit around like a mopey baby, even if that is what you feel like. There are other things that you can do to help your team win this game. The Bears had Todd Collins in the game and he could have used the experience that Cutler could have provided. If I was a QB and went down, the first thing I would be doing is telling coach to give me the damn headset and I would be talking this kid through the plays. If that wasn’t possible, I would be on the sidelines working with him while we were on defense to try and make him better for the rest of the game.

And I would be trying my best to try and pump the other guys up on the team. I’m not in the game, so what? Now it is time for the rest of you to step up and prove that you don’t miss me and that you can win without me. I would be trying to give the defense some insight on the other QB if I had any. Hell, I would bring the boys water if I thought it would help.

Football is a TEAM sport. When one player goes down, the team has to work as a whole to try and fill the gap. The injured player has an obligation to do what he can to help the team on the sidelines in other way, especially during the championship game. If we were talking pre-season or some game that would not matter in the standings, then maybe you just sit back and try to be inconspicuous or perhaps you go to the clubhouse and play poker games online. But when you are on the biggest stage in the game and in the 2nd biggest game of the year, and maybe your life, you find a way to help, because you are part of the team.

Jay Cutler may or may not have quit on the field during the NFC title game, but he indeed quit on his team. Personally, I would not want that person as a teammate, and I would be very surprised if Cutler is in Chicago much longer.

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