March 4th, 2011
by tophatal

Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right So How Come Both The NFL And NFLPA Come Off Looking Like The Biggest Idiots On The Face of The Planet ?

I’m not so sure what to make of the idiocy now taking place between the NFL and NLFPA (Players’ Union) as it relates to the collective bargaining agreement . Several of the patrons of my site have long held the belief that the league and union will come to an amicable agreement that will be equitable for all of the parties concerned . Well with the expiration of the existing agreement due to expire at midnight 3rd March , I’d seriously like to know how is it that the owners , at the league’s behest cannot simply reach agreement with the NFLPA headed by its President Kevin Mawae and Executive Director DeMaurice Smith . On the opposing side of the issue we have NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell , and the owners headed by some of the most powerful men within the game , Robert Kraft , Bud Adams , Jerry Jones , Woody Johnson , Steve Tisch , John K Mara , Pat Bowlen and Art Rooney II .

The Federally appointed mediator George Cohen has stated after the both parties’ most recent meeting that the two sides seem to be closer. Well if George Cohen may well have meant that the two sides were actually closer physically because of their proximity around the negotiating table because clearly their ideology is still so far apart that you could driven a tractor trailer within that parameter. The NFL is a $9,000,000,000 ($9,000,000,000) a year industry where the league and union share what we’re told is an equitable share of the revenues between the two parties. At issue is now how best to share this pie and at the same time the owners simply reining in their costs because if anything we know that there too Goodell has been less than open with regard to opening up the league’s financial accounts for public scrutiny.

Courtesy of AP & Yahoo Sports

NFL, union exit mediation after 4 hours Wednesday

By Howard Fendrich , AP Pro Football Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) —A large group of NFL owners and players’ union president Kevin Mawae participated in mediated labor talks for the first time Wednesday, attending a meeting that ended with fewer than 35 hours left until the collective bargaining agreement expires.

The ninth session at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service came on the same day that the league’s 32 team owners were gathering at a hotel about 25 miles away in Chantilly, Va. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and all 10 members of the owners’ labor committee left the mediation after about four hours of talks.

The NFL contingent got into a fleet of a half-dozen black SUVs and headed to Chantilly to begin filling in other owners on the status of the negotiations. When they arrived, none of the owners spoke to reporters before entering the meeting.

About 20 minutes after the league’s group left, the NFL Players Association’s negotiators group left on foot, walking in the direction of the union’s headquarters, a couple of blocks away. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, a member of the NFLPA executive committee, attended the mediation; like Mawae, Brees hadn’t been present at this round of negotiations, which began Feb. 18. But now all members of the union’s executive committee have been present at least once.

“We’re talking,” Mawae said when he left. “It’s better than not talking.”

The CBA runs out at midnight Eastern time as Thursday becomes Friday, and among the possibilities are that the owners lock out the players or that the union decertifies. Whatever happens this week could cause the country’s most popular sport to lose regular-season games to a work stoppage for the first time since 1987. Or, perhaps, everything could be resolved by management and labor in an industry with revenues topping $9 billion annually.

“So far, obviously, we haven’t been successful,” Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson said on his way into the mediation session shortly before 10 a.m., “but we’re optimistic in due time we will.”


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The league had asked for a rollback from the players whereby they’d be willing to forgo $1,000,000,000 year ( $1 billion) for the next seven years but as we know the league also wants to instigate an 18 game regular season schedule. Something which the union at present is steadfastly against unless the league is prepared to accede to some of their conditions. The players for their part are looking to the league to raise their awareness as to players’ health and medical benefits . If anything to my mind that ought to be one of the most important issues that has to be dealt with but over the years both sides have simply ignored this even when pressed on the matter during Congressional hearings.

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Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right So How Come Both The NFL And NFLPA Come Off Looking Like The Biggest Idiots On The Face of The Planet ?


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