May 31st, 2011
by lisagray

Hope all yall had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Sorry that posts have been so sporadic, but we’ve been having cable problems and that means no TV/internet because getting someone to fix the cable on a holiday weekend is like not possible (yes I AM writing from my Mama’s – how did you EVAH guess) . And I absolutely REFUSE to listen to Milo, who I swear is getting worse and worse every time I am stupid enough to turn on the radio broadcast. I never can figure out what inning it is, what the score is, who is at bat, the count, or any other such insignificant details – although the Clounzz are always happy to talk ALL about their golf game and the out of town scoreboard or some commercial or the new scoreboard.

I don’t have any reliable new news about the sale of the Astros, but I DO know that a supposedly very intelligent and VERY rich man has bought 49% of the Mets for 200 mill CASH. And that Frank McCourt has scrounged $$$ from SOMEwhere to make the Dodgers payroll as his ex-wife is demanding that the team be sold and the proceeds divided. And Bud is even CONSIDERING letting someone who had only 75 mill to buy the Astros franchise go ahead?


Back to games – Wandy went on the DL with some sort of elbow problem – I know teams always lie about this stuff – I didn’t notice anything wrong with his last start, but then again, teams always lie about this stuff. It’s possible something happened during his bullpen session. Fast Eddie must be cussin, as there goes one of his best trade chips – the ol WB has resumed his career pattern of uck-age, and really has no appeal to other teams, especially at his 10 mill a year salary.

And speaking of bullpen, ours again resumed its path of suckage during the Dbax series. After Wilton Lopez forgot how to throw home, Fulchino forgot how to not throw strikes over the middle of the plate, as J Happ finally pitched a very good game and came away with nothing to show for it.

Today, Aneury Rodriguez faced the Cubs, managed to go 4 innings, giving up 6 R/4 ER on 3 singles, 2 triples, a 2 run homer, 2 BB, 4 SB and 2 errors.  He got lucky because the Cubs pitchers/fielders were even worse – Rodrigo Lopez, who killed us last year when he was with the Diamondbacks (that team always kills us, I SWEAR, no matter who is playing/pitching) gave up 6 runs before he hit the end of the 5th, and the rest of the Cubs pitchers donated another 6 runs. OUR bullpen guys, Escalona, Del Rosario and Lopez threw scoreless innings and Melancon gave up only 1 meaningless run.

I would like to point out – smirking – that Jeff Keppinger, who Fast Eddie did his absolute darndest to get rid of last winter, who thought that Bill Hall/Clint Barmes would be SOOOOOO much better – has kicked some SERIOUS Fast Eddie butt. Since returning, he’s played 3 games and has gone

2 fer 5 with a 2 out RBI and none left in scoring position
1 fer 3 with a double, a walk and a run scored
3 fer 5 with a double, a 3 run homer, 4 RBI and a run scored

In 7 PA, he ALREADY has more RBI than Clint Barmes does in 105 PA.

Angel Sanchez (.643 OPS) has 18 RBI in 143 PA. Bill Hall (.616 OPS) has 13 RBI over 154 PA. Hall has been catching a lot of heck for his suckage – but Barmes should be catching just as much – he’s costing about as much as Hall and not providing any more value.

Will be interesting to see what happens when Bourgeois is ready to come back – I am eagerly anticipating Fast Eddie having to, uh, ahem – make, um, adjustments in the roster. For some reason, I bet he is having some trouble finding any trade partners for either Hall or Barmes.

Tomorrow marks the major league debut of The Much Hyped Jordan Lyles. He gets the fun of facing Carlos Zambrano, who beat the Astros earlier this year in spite of giving up 5 runs/5 innings because Nelson Figueroa/bullpen was worse. Jordan better not throw him no pitches down the middle…

The Cubs have a LOT of guys on the DL – Marlos Byrd, Jeff Baker, Reed Johnson, plus Sori hurt his leg and will be out. They still have Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney, who ran circles around pitchers/catchers last series, and a new OF, Tony Campana, a Wesley Wright/Jason Bourgeois sized guy, who stole FOUR bases today. I don’t have any idea how good Jordan Lyles is at dealing with base stealers, but if he can’t hold guys, we’re in trouble if he lets those 3 guys get on base.

I wonder if Robinson Cancel (called up when Q got hurt) is gonna catch him – he’d know him from AAA. Cancel is a 35 year old AAA lifer with 43 major league games played over his 15 year career – last played for the Mets 2 years ago – in 29 games/44 AB, he hit .245/.288/.347/.635.

His lifetime minor league OPS over 3167 AB is .691. This year at AAA, he had an .815 OPS over 102 AB. I’m not holding my breath – he had a .916 OPS the year he had those few games at backup for the Mets. I would be extremely happy, however, if he is great at throwing out basestealers, because unless Jordan keeps em off base, they’re gonna be small ballin us to death…

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