June 30th, 2011
by elibrazell

Well, after two amazing beatdowns by the Mets in the Motor City, we had to go and give them a game, I guess maybe so they won’t get down on themselves, or maybe because we don’t want the rest of the world to realize just exactly how good we are. We want to sneak into the playoffs, and sweeping the Tigers would just throw up too many red flags.

In any event, and in all seriousness, we lost, 5-2. Our starter was awful, our hits were too spread out, and the bullpen was… good, actually. Some details:

Jose Reyes had yet another multi-hit game. He reached base his first at-bat in the game, a sweet double on a Verlander changeup out to center. In the 3rd, he walked on four pitches, after which he was thrown out trying to swipe second base while Jason Pridie was at the plate. He singled in th 5th on another curveball. This guy is absolutely amazing, and I keep thinking he’s going to come back down to earth, but he keeps getting better. Unbelievable.

Solo home runs don’t win games. But we all knew that, right? Daniel Murphy and Carlos Beltran both delivered solo shots, and somehow those were to only runs the Mets were able to put on the board. The team hit well, but were not able to string any together and make any progress.

The loss is tough only because a sweep would have been so freakin’ sweet. The offense wasn’t bad either, ten hits is a good thing in a game, though I’d say the biggest killer today was Jason Pridie batting in the #2 spot. He was hitless with three strikeouts, in a crucial spot that requires plate discipline above all else.

Another key was Pelfrey. This guys really seems like his own worst enemy. Even in the 1st his actions spelled incoming disaster. Three walks and three balls in play in the first inning. The 2nd inning showed some signs of improvement, some tiny glimmers of hope, but in the 3rd Big Pelf let the Tigers rip the game open.

On the plus side, Jason Bay seems to be improving, slowly but steadily. He picked up two hits today and not a single whiff. His discipline seems to have gone up sharply, and he’s putting the ball in play. I’m not looking for home runs from this guy at this point. Nice little line drives for singles and doubles to keep the wheels turning in the lineup is really all he needs to bring to the table. We’ve shown we can explode offensively with little or moderate power. In his last ten games, he’s hitting .282.

In the end, the loss hurts, but the road trip was a huge success. CC Sabathia pitched today for the Yanks, so we at least have the fact that we won’t be facing the ace this weekend, and I believe we can grab another series win in Queens. The season is officially halfway over for the Mets, and we’re within reach of the wildcard. It’s not impossible, and this team has shown some real heart.


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