July 31st, 2011
by lisagray

He’s 32 years old, is a starter ONLY because he’s on the Astros, and oozing veterany goodness is not an excuse to use to build a team around a guy, no matter HOW he fields. And yeah, he’s better than Angel Sanchez.

My GAWD I hate Ed Wade. He’s raving about Jordan Schafer (why?) and how the 2 mediocre AA pitchers we got are gonna be in the rotation next year (can’t wait for THAT, can you) and how Jonathan Singleton, the A ball first baseman is gonna be a middle of the order 30 homer a year guy next YEAR. He isn’t hitting anywheres NEAR what guys like Heyward and Trout did at that age and even THEY didn’t jump to the majors after A ball. Maybe he meant 2013. You note that the Phils refused to even discuss him or Cowart last year for OSWALT and now they OFFER them. Tells me what I needed to know.

Astros called up Luis Durango instead of Bogusevic – and we have no lefty bats anymore except Wallace, who is hitting like me. Durango has 68 AB in the majors over 2 years. He’s another little guy who is supposedly 5-9 (I’d have to see him, but it will have to wait) and had a .635 OPS at AAA this year and .703 OPS at Portland AAA last year. 22 SB, 10 CS – tends to hit a lot of singles. He’s a switch hitter – don’t know how he does lefty. Whatever.

It’s another guy on the 40 man and the Astros are gonna have to pay HIS salary, too.

The game wasn’t broadcast today, don’t ask me why MLB decides to block out games that are not in the Fox/ESPN contract, but they did. I didn’t find out that you have to watch on the computer/phone until the 8th inning. Just great – a 4″ picture and no JD, and God Knows Who as announcers – I think they might have been Brewers announcers, not guys working for mlb.tv, but am not positive, got it in time to see Altuve popup in the 8th with bases loaded, Astros losing 4-3.

I see that the Brewers ballpark is jam packed full and there aren’t even any Cubs fans. Amazing what happens when your owner TRIES to win and field a good team. I bet there won’t even be 8K people in the stands this week now that Pence and Bourn are gone.

We lost, of course.

Clint Barmes had a throwing error that led to a run (over threw home, allowing the runner to go from second to third) and Myers couldn’t throw from the infield to first, allowing a run, and he also bunted into a DP with men on first and second 5-6-3. He blew the 3-2 lead, then the 3-3 tie.

CJ had a bloop single to right off the end of the bat. He looks awful at the plate – no confidence, very tenuous. Good job there Astros “hitting” coach. He is in constant motion at the plate, his hands are too high, and he reminds me of Mo Ensberg at the end. Mo had the excuse of a bad shoulder, but he had a defeated look at the plate too.

Jason Bourgeois hit a ball into the upper deck in left (really!!!) for a 3 run homer. I just checked the replay on mlb – the Brewers announcers say, after he hit it – that’s why you don’t have your #3 hitter laying down bunts. Yeah, Jason Bourgeois is our #3 hitter and no I am NOT kidding. In the 8th, he reached on a 6-4 FC by beating out a GIDP, then stole second off K-Rod who walked the suckulous Jason Michaels. Then he and Jason stole second and third on a “double steal” which really SHOULD have been DI as none of the fielders bothered to even twitch, and Jason scored and tied it up on a wild pitch, but JD Martinez struck out on a ball in the dirt to end the inning. Pitchers are a leeeeetle tougher up here than they are in the Texas League.

(I can’t WAIT for them to bring up that A ball first baseman guy – he’s gonna make Brett Wallace look like Pujols.)

In the bottom of the 8th, Millsie-poo sent Froddy out to pitch to the middle of the lineup. OK. He throws a FB right down the middle and Braun hits it almost out – off the RF fence for a double – Michaels was lost and Bourgeois got the carom. So – Millsie-poo, him who is obsessed with lefty righty, leaves Froddy in AND HE PITCHES TO DA PRINCE!!! I mean seriously, what the HECK? Prince with a man on second, tie game, late innings, righty on the mound, Prince is EXACTLY the kind of batter you DO intentionally walk, especially with a lousy hitter right after him.

Naturally, Prince hits Ball 4 – why you don’t pitch around him, into center for a single. Jason is a good fielder, but his arm is like Michaels – not strong and not accurate. Braun trots home. Crew wins.

I give up.

And, in fact, so did the rest of the team. Which looks like they expect to lose when they go out because they almost for certain will.

Reds coming to town tomorrow.

Wonder if Ed Wade is going to able to manage to dump Wandy and the ol WB by the end of August – now that teams KNOW that he is a terrible trader and is under pressure to dump em, he certainly is not going to get value.

People are NOW screaming to fire Ed Wade. A little late, dontcha think?

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