January 26th, 2012
by goon

English: Cory SchneiderImage via WikipediaI mean really?!? Cory Schneider is a good goalie and a very serviceable back up to the Canucks head case Robert Luongo, but he isn’t even close to the stature of Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas. I guess as a Bruins fan, I can just chalk it up as another reason to hate the Vancouver Canucks hockey team.

The Providence — Cory Schneider, an American from Marblehead, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston, was one Canuck willing to weigh in, and his message was simple. Thomas should have sucked it up and gone to the White House.

“I’m not that religious but if I had the chance to meet the Pope, it’d be pretty cool,” Schneider said.
”I don’t believe in everything the Catholic church does, but I’d still show up to the Vatican and say Hi to the Pope.

“I have no problem with his personal beliefs, but (Thomas) can suck it up for an hour, say Hi and be with the team, and avoid all of this.

“Respect the (Presidency). He plays for Team USA and he has no problem making millions of dollars in the USA but he can’t go say Hi to the President.

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