February 29th, 2012
by lisagray

Yes, you read that right.

Brett Myers is going from the rotation – throwing 200 innings, to the closer’s position – which means he’s gonna throw, what, 25 innings?

You talk about a waste of money – and Crane wants to dump Wandy so badly (oh yes he does)?

Myers was converted to a closer in the 07 season when he started the year badly – 3 starts – he, uh, volunteered – ahem – to go to the bullpen as there were suppoedly too many starters, Tom Gordon couldn’t close and Alfonseca wasn’t any good either and Myers ended up closing by June.

Of course, in 07, the Phils had plenty of other guys who could start.  And Myers returned to starting the next year, threw 30 games over 190 innings of 97 ERA+ ball. I should mention that naturally, his strikeout rate climbed when he was relieving, but his walk rate remained steady.

The Astros have re-done his contract so that his incentives are commensurate with a closer, not a starter, which means that Myers must have either volunteered or agreed to close. This means that the Astros have zero confidence in Lyon’s recuperation, or at least his ability to recuperate before the deadline and are therefore stuck with his 5 mill, or most of it. I’m guessing they think that the ol WB will be more tradeable as a closer, especially because he will be only a couple mill for whoever picks him up.

It’s interesting that they were so sure that no one else was capable of closing, because it really is an idiotic expenditure of 14 million dollars (including the buyout) to anyone not named Mariano.

They still haven’t found a deal they like for Wandy, so he’s probably getting tossed at the deadline.

This makes the starting rotation

Jordan Lyles


most likely Livan Hernandez, who isn’t what you’d call good, but who can “eat innings” – unless they get lucky and Weiland, Jarred Cosart or Paul Clemens look like SuperAce – which they’d like because they desperately want to persuade the few remaining fans that those guys are good, Really Good.

I seriously doubt that Zach Duke would make the rotation. He didn’t pitch well for the Pirates, but then again, he didn’t pitch well for anyone else. Lucas Harrell might could get lucky, too, youneverknow, but I sure didn’t see anything impressive from him any more than the White Sox did.

I know what you’re thinking – but Lisa, the Astros NEED somebody good to be a stopper, to preserve the few victories we Do get,seeing as how we got rid of the closer we DID have, and wouldn’t you rather see the young guys Get Confidence than watch the ol WB throw his lousy 85 ERA+ 200 innings?

I suppose so, but Livan Hernandez and Zach Duke aren’t what you’d call Young Guys. Well, maybe they’ll give Weiland a chance. It’s interesting that teams, even really BAD teams, seldom give a young guy any sort of real chance to learn to play. Michael Bourn was lucky that Ed Wade ordered Cooper not to bench him… Wandy was lucky that Phil Garner was SOOO sure that he was gonna be a good ML pitcher and kept giving him chances. Youneverknow.

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