Cundiff, Harbaugh cost the Ravens a chance at the Super Bowl

It came down to a 32 yard field goal, one that Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff would shank wide left, as time was running out on the play clock. Should he have made it? By all means YES! Did Ravens head coach John Harbaugh play a part in it? YES! There was less than 3 seconds left on the play clock when Cundiff attempted his field goal try, and coach Harbaugh, with one time out left, didn’t chose to take a time out to give his kicker more time to prepare for the kick. When Harbaugh was asked about this after the game he replied, “That’s something we’ll have to look at”. Really? The real question is why the Ravens have a head coach, in his 4th year, still making rookie mistakes, and, a kicker, who missed  9 field goals this season, when they had a replacement kicker, Shane Grahm as a reliable replacement. The combination of these two deficiency’s cost the Ravens big time, and something should be done about it. Are you listening Steve Bisciotti?

First off, I doubt that John Harbaugh’s job is in jeopardy, though it should be. The man has no clue as to how to manage the game clock, and has suspect knowledge of the X’s and O’s  that come with the job. The man was a Special Teams coach, and never a coordinator of either side of the ball, and after 4 years as a head coach he still seems overwhelmed at critical times, and this was one.

Cundiff will not be back next year, as the fans won’t allow it. He’s lucky that he didn’t get his ass beat in the Ravens locker room after the game. This is the man who held out last offseason , because he made it to the Pro Bowl  for his penchant for kicking touchbacks. Hadn’t he shown this season that he was suspect in kicking field goals, the true worth of an NFL kicker?  Well, he showed it in this game.

Also, exactly what constitutes a catch in the NFL? Lee Evans made a catch in the end zone, got both feet down, and then was stripped of the ball. This would have been the game winning catch, and it was reviewed, but called a non catch. Please explain that one to me. And for Evans, have you never learned that when you catch the ball in that situation, with defenders at your side, that you make the catch, and then turn your body to shield the ball? That’s Pop Warner league stuff, and you should know better. But, apparently not.

And please tell me why when Dennis Pitta’s jersey was grabbed at the 1 yard line on that final drive it wasn’t called pass interference? I’ll tell you why, it’s because the Patriots owner Robert Kraft was instrumental in making Roger Goodell commissioner of the NFL. Do you really think there wasn’t a bias among the officials, who only called one penalty against the Patriots,  to make sure the Patriots would be given every chance to win this game. All one needs to do is look at how Goodell swept the Patriots “Spy Gate” scandal under the rug. If it were any other team there would have been Hell to pay.

I know this sounds like sour grapes, but at this moment I feel cheated. The Ravens outplayed the Patriots, Joe Flacco outplayed the prissy Tommi Brady, and the officials helped the Pat’s win  with non calls. If you disagree that’s fine, but you had better stay the Hell out of my face for quite some time.

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4 Responses to Cundiff, Harbaugh cost the Ravens a chance at the Super Bowl

  1. Spiderpig says:

    Thank you for this. I haven’t seen too much coverage of the games yet, since I was away from the internet yesterday and have not watched much TV since the games, but I don’t see anybody in the media chastising Harbaugh for not taking a timeout. What took so long for the field goal unit to come onto the field in the first place? Clearly, the correct decision was to attempt the field goal rather than go for it on fourth and one. Furthermore, I don’t think the Ravens were focused on calling or running a good play on third and one because they were worried about reviewing the Evans catch (which it should have been). I don’t know who to blame for that one.

  2. MDBBALL02 says:

    Agreed … 100% … Billy will take all the blame … While he deserves the Lion’s share, since he gets paid to do nothing else in life by kick a ball through the uprights, the Coach is also to blame for not calling that critical TO. What the Hell was he saving it for??? “Well look at that???” Seriously??? Be a man and admit your failure John. I’m a girl and I knew a TO was called for–YOU get paid to make that call and you blew it! I also agree that John should have tossed the rag and challenges the Evans drop. His feet were down BEFORE the ball was stripped! Then there were the calls the refs GAVE Can’t shake this feeling of remorse…something Terrible happened yesterday….It was OUR Year Damn it… and that smug Tom Brady is going instead….

    Feel bad for the Cundiffs — like my beloved Bill Buckner, he will never be able to forget it or be forgiven….

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