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The projects we’ve completed reflect the breadth of our capabilities and the depth of our creativity, and our clients keep bringing us their most unique and complex challenges.

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Mooring System Repair

Astoria Generating Company

Astoria Generating Company had a recurring issue with a mooring system for their gas turbine barges. To get to the heart of the issue, MVN inspected and analyzed the existing mooring configuration and did exhaustive research on its historic design. Our analysis lead to subtle changes to the design which resulted in a more robust […]

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3rd Ave Bridge Sub Cable Survey

Con Edison

Con Edison needed to conduct a survey of 20 submarine cables, spanning five locations along the floor of the Harlem River. The cables were live and buried beneath more than 800 cubic yards of contaminated river mud at depths of more than 20 feet. Safely uncovering them for inspection required MVN to design and fabricate […]

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