Helping NYC step into a cleaner future

LS Power

Project Overview

MVN is at the forefront of New York City’s transition to cleaner fuel sources and the complex regulatory and design requirements that are driving the future of New York’s in-city power generation.

When Helix Ravenswood, the city’s largest power plant, took its first step towards utilizing a cleaner liquid fuel, they relied on MVN to help them maneuver through NYC’s unique regulatory landscape. MVN installed and commissioned a new fuel forwarding and large bulk storage system, including a two-million gallon liquid fuel tank, and did it all under an aggressive deadline.

In just five months, from contract signing to commissioning and all the steps in-between—permitting, FDNY inspections, installation, systems integration, piping, testing, regulatory approval, and more—MVN efficiently managed a complex set of workstreams and got the job done.

This speed to result was made possible by MVN’s unique NYC knowhow—from expertly navigating the ins and outs of local regulations, to having a skilled roster of specialists who can build and commission to the city’s exacting standards.

The quick and successful completion of this project is another example of how MVN continues to build out our one-of-a-kind capabilities that make us the go-to resource as NYC steps into a future powered by cleaner energy.

Role & Responsibility